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Who are we

The Most Reliable Partner for Bitcoin Miners

Speed Without Compromise - Secure ASIC Hosting for Large Enterprises

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What We Do



Secure Hosting

Profitable mining via affordable power & efficient miners.



Miner Sales & Repairs

Bulk pricing & on-site, certified technicians. 



Hosting Site Development

Custom-built facilities tailored to your specific mining needs.

Why BlockOps?

BlockOps Mining: Unparalleled Expertise  

Advanced Hosting
Premier facilities, equipment, & electricity advantages

95% Uptime
Uninterrupted, profitable mining

On-Site Security
24/7 On-Premise Protection

Site Development
We build & develop custom mining facilities

Elite Hardware
The best equipment with bulk pricing

Expert Repairs
On-site equipment repairs by licensed technicians

About Us

Our Approach

We partner with large enterprises to build and operate turnkey mining facilities. 

Our Vision

We build trust with our customers as the most secure and reliable operator of digital asset infrastructure.

Our Promise

We provide best-in-class operational support to protect your investment.

Partner With Us

Elevate your mining operation with our comprehensive support & expertise

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